Numerous people happen defined as (or meant as) lezzie, homosexual, bisexual, or transgender (frequently shortened LGBT).

Kang and Kodos both are gender unclear. While Kang is generally demonstrated as men (although he could get intersex), Kodos’ gender was not certain: Kodos enjoys a male speech as well as called male in “E.T. run Home”, so far is also called “sister” and dons female clothing in Tapped Out. But Kamala is expressly displayed as woman. It can be also probable that Kodos had been referred to as “relative” for witty uses.

Freely lesbian

  • Patty Bouvier – Nearly married Veronica. [1] However, Veronica was really men known as Leslie, therefore the diamond was known as switched off. But Patty has been confirmed with guy, i.e. Important Skinner, even though this was actually before she got developed as homosexual. In Treehouse of Horror III, she states, “there go the very last constant line of my personal heterosexuality” having seen Homer naked, but this is exactly a non-canon occurrence and can simply be with the line for witty results. She’s already been observed staying keen on Edna Krabappel, as she imagines this model when this hoe requirements hug Homer to split all the way up Selma and Abe. She in addition dated a girl called Evelyn in “Livin Los Angeles Pura Vida”.
  • Evelyn – She dated Patty in “Livin Los Angeles Lakewood escort Pura Vida”. She wound up separate with Patty after she became buddies with Homer but reunited along with her at the end of the event.
  • Paula – Hinted to be keen on Marge because almost all of this lady space contains stereotypical lezzie factors. Towards edges associated with the episode discloses she gets a wife. (“Marge the Lumberjill”)
  • Megan Matheson – Reveals creating a partner. [2]

Suggested staying girl to girl

  • Martha – Hinted become drawn to the assistant librarian. [3]
  • Librarian – Hinted getting drawn to Martha. [3] Though it isn’t established.

Openly homosexual people

  • Comedian publication Gay – Witty Book male gay relative. They enjoys “certain sort” of comic books. [4]
  • John – A nostalgia shop manager that befriends the Simpson household. [5] he can be voiced by John Waters who is honestly homosexual in real life.
  • Roscoe – Manager associated with Ajax metal factory. He and his workers are all homosexual, and at pauses, the two shut the factory into a gay club. [5]
  • Metal factory staff – Gay people who work for Roscoe. [5]
  • Angelo – a builder who was simply used to redesign the Simpsons’ kitchens after Homer’s hit a brick wall attempts. [6] Once Homer instructed him to touch Marge he says that he is gay however the subcontractor does that for him.
  • Grady and Julio – a homosexual couple that Homer roomed with; [7] they later broke up. [1] Grady is spoken by comedian and star Scott Thompson that publicly homosexual in real life. Hank Azaria (voice of Julio) previously used the equivalent vocals for yet another gay identity known as Agador Spartacus for the 1996 comedy movies called The Birdcage. This referral happens to be further grounded into the episode’s aptly parodied subject, The skin burns crate.
  • Thad – Marries Julio (with Homer being the officiant) subsequent to Julio’s and Grady’s split. [1]
  • Grizzly Shawn – gets enthusiastic about Moe. He later attached Barry.
  • Barry – a partner of Grizzly Shawn.
  • Dewey Largo – it had been initially suspected in “discover Homer powered” when he reported he and Waylon Smithers are carpooling. In “Flaming Moe”, the guy declares to his or her sounds class that he is working off because of the love of their lives, that’s a person. He also keeps an exaggerated lisp.
  • Waylon Smithers – There are plenty of references to Smithers’ direction (or at a minimum his fixation on Mr. uses) and the campaigns maintain they something. However, an evident sample takes place when Smithers shoes or boots right up their family computer and animation of Mr. Burns appears, mentioning (in definitely cobbled-together seem fasteners), “Hello, Smithers. Your rather fantastic at transforming me in.” Smithers after that says to Lisa (who was erect behind him), “Um, you will want to most likely just neglect that.” [8] Smithers was first proved to be openly gay in Flaming Moe when he will help reopen Moe’s tavern as a gay pub. Smithers is released from inside the burns off Cage. He’s got really been considered as homosexual without ‘Burns-sexual’, notably if 2 strippers find to your in which he started cowering in dread.
  • Dewey – An ex-boyfriend of Dewey Largo.
  • Elton John – he or she is honestly homosexual in the real world possesses already been wedded to Canadian filmmaker David Furnish since.
  • Philip Hefflin – a cameraman who was simply excited by Abraham Simpson and boasts that ladies disgust him or her.
  • Svenjamin “Sven” Golly – Upon fulfilling Marge, he states, “Ugh, in which were you as I is directly?”.
  • Only Stamp the solution dude – In “The Fat orange Line”, it’s revealed that he is homosexual for Homer Simpson.
  • Gay Colonel – Colonel which dates with Hans Moleman.
  • Unnamed smoking boyfriend – Moe attempted to take their watches, nevertheless when the person observed him or her, Moe announced that he’d started simply approaching to him. The person got Moe’s fingers and asserted they can return his location. [9]
  • Stuart – a detailed buddy to Waylon Smithers.
  • Llewellyn Sinclair – Is seen during the guests of gay guys. [4]

From inside the closet

  • Unnamed Latino Boy – As He determine Homer’s graffiti tag of “El Homo”, the man mentioned, “In The Event That I Experienced your very own will, senor.” [10]
  • Raoul – Females disgust him or her and that he gets sincerely interested in Abraham Simpson. [11]